Should Your Kids Be Active On Social Media?

One question that parents struggle with, is how active they should allow their kids to be on social media? It’s a tough question to answer, one which I struggled with myself. On one hand, kids need to know how to responsibly use social media. But on the other hand, social media can open the door to online bullying and other negative influences that could cause problems within our adolescents. This post will help you decide how much social media to let your kids consume, and give you tools such as the best spy apps to use to monitor your children online. 

Establishing Social Media For Your Kids

Social media can have negative effects on your children.
It’s always good to monitor your children’s social media accounts.

Experts say, that whether or not you let your kids use social media, it’s a smart idea to start accounts in their name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and other social media platforms that are popular with kids and teenagers. Setting up accounts in your child’s name accomplishes two different goals. The first one, is establishing your child’s identity. By establishing accounts for your child, you are protecting your child’s online identity from potential harm. The second goal, is that it allows you to set up the privacy controls for those accounts. You can establish who can see your child’s posts, who is allowed to message your child and more. You should set up accounts for your child, even if you don’t allow them to use those accounts right away.

Teaching Your Children Online Responsibility

Social media is something that is, most likely, going to be a part of your child’s life. This being said, it is extremely important for children to learn how to use social media responsibly. If you allow your child to use social media, don’t give them unrestricted access. The best way to teach your children safe and responsible social media use, is to create rules regarding social media. One way to accomplish this goal is by monitoring your child’s cell phone, using the best spy apps on the market.

By seeing who your children are talking to and by familiarizing yourself with what they are doing on their electronics, you can understand if they are ready to have their own social media accounts. You can never be too cautious about your child’s online safety. Using the best spy apps is easy and provides you with step by step instructions, taking the worry out of your life. 

Guide Your Child In The Right Direction

Teach your children how to post things that are safe and responsible. Teach them not to reveal too much information in their posts. For example, your home address, where they are going, or who they are going to meet at a certain time. Review any photos they post, before they are posted, so you can be sure the photos are appropriate. Make sure that the photos they post are not publicly visible, but rather only shared with chosen friends. Communicating with your child about the dangers of social media is an important part of teaching your child to use social media responsibly.

Monitor Their Social Media 

A good parent teaches their child social media responsibility more effectively, if they are actively monitoring their child’s social media. Read messages that your child receives and then discuss with your child why the message was or was not appropriate. Block anyone that you don’t want your child interacting with!

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