Removing My Kids Cell Phones This Summer

Taking Away Cell Phones

Today, my husband and I decided that we are going to take away our children’s phones this summer. Some other parents might not agree with this, but they are our children. I don’t believe that we are depriving our kids, quite the opposite. Actually, I think we are freeing them from the pressure to post or like someone’s picture all summer. This is giving them a break from the digital world. I know I want them to be playing outside more, and their father agrees. Maybe we’ll even go on a family road trip with the kids

cell phones
Teen Girls On Their Phones

Without phone we can actually have long conversations with eye contact. Not short responses in between texting their friends. Our children will learn how to entertain themselves without relying on technology. Even I might take a break from my cell phone spy app

Cutting Ties

Of course we can’t cut them off completely. They will still have their phones to call their friends and for safety when they are out. Also the fact that no one seems to have a home phone anymore. We got rid of ours last month since we never used it. We hope that with this free time they will join sports teams and start new hobbies.

I will allow them to have their cell phones but the phones should be off during practice. Then when they need to get picked up they can be on their phones. Basically, they are cut off from social media but are still able to use their phones for the reasons phones were built. Like calling your parents or for emergencies.

Being Outside

Instead of spending their days being sedentary and on their devices, they will go bike riding and do something productive. When my husband and I were kids, we had no choice but to play outside. There were no iPads or iPhones and the TV only had a few channels. Children these days can’t realize how much technology takes over their world. Bring outside is not only healthy for their bodies (Vitamin D) but it is also cleansing for their mind.

cell phones
Kids On Their Phones

Lowered Attention Span

We are so used to multitasking so we get bored easily. Like I’ll have the TV on and then I will get bored, so I will take out my iPad. Even I am experiencing a lower attention span from having access to so many different types of technology. So I can’t even imagine how much more my kids are impacted.

I do agree that technology can be beneficial, I’m not completely against it. However, like everything else, we should use technology in moderation. Not to the point where you become dependent on cell phones, like how most people are now. So that is how my kids will be spending their summer this year. If you enjoyed this, read my last post about how Skype saved my marriage