Protect Your Kids From Cyber-Bullies Using Parental Phone Monitoring Software

The rise of technology has also defined the rise in cyber-bullying, which is any of a number of forms of bullying that is made easy by or occurs through, using technology and the many kinds of electronic communications, which sometimes needs the use of parental iPad monitoring software. There was a time when bullying was restricted to the schoolyard and physical means (not that that’s any better), but the improvement on technology and the proliferation of electronic means of communications mean that bullies can now be found even on the internet.

And with the number of users that the internet has at any given time, it is no surprise that a number of them are cyber-bullies, sitting in their little dark rooms with their computers, and getting quite a fix knowing that their victims are squirming uncomfortably. If your kid is one of this creep’s victims, you would want to keep him away from your children as much as possible.

Forms of Cyber-Bullying.

This form of bullying, even though not physical, can have many forms as well, from flaming to harassing or threatening text messages and emails. Their trademarks may include public defamation of the victim in online forums, and will often threaten the victim with virtual or physical harm, and divulge humiliating information to others.

And others even go to extremes, where they will create these bogus online and social media profiles, all with the object of being anonymous when they harass their victims. And being the largest platform for people to connect, social media is the most common place where cyber-bullying occurs. This causes the cyber-bullying to take on a kind of mob mentality and results to a lot of people bullying a person.

Cyber-Bullying and Its Effects.

Cyber-bullying is an extreme form of abuse that targets the victim’s psychology. As with all other kinds of abuse, there are short-term and long-term harm to the victims and even their support system. When children are faced with threatening, harassing or humiliating posts, emails or other online content, they appear to withdraw within themselves and would hesitate to talk about their experience. This hampers their ability to process these bullying incidents and deal with its negative effects.

Preventing Cyber-Bullying.

There are a lot of things that parents can do to prevent cyber-bullying or stop it in its tracks if it has already started. And the first thing to do is to talk to them about cyber-bullying. Establishing rules on the use of technology to communicate with others is the next logical step, with the parents needing to keep two eyes out on their children’s activities while he is surfing the web or texting people. Knowing which sites to visit and which they should avoid would also greatly benefit the kid by keeping them away from the forums where online bullies congregate.

However, the best and most effective way to be on top of your kids’ online activities is getting Auto Forward Spy, a powerful cell phone monitoring app that allows parents to access just about anything on the kid’s phone. Being aware of everything that’s happening helps parents detect cyber-bullying and other threats early so they can help steer their kids away from them. Come and visit our website and learn more about how this awesome app can help with parenting.