Parental Monitoring Software in Protecting Your Kids Online

Using parental monitoring software to monitor your child’s activity is very important in protecting your kids to monitor their online activities. And picking the right parental software isn’t a simple task as there are many different apps out in the market. No need to have monitoring software that offers so many features that will only make you confuse. Choose a good one that offers basic features with quality and you need like remote monitoring feature, SMS retrieval, blocking inappropriate sites and more like Auto Forward.

The Internet Has Made Our Life Easier and Comfortable.

However, we need to be careful and aware of the dangers of the internet and employ certain measures, especially to our young ones. Our child can encounter lots of dangers on the internet. Protecting them is the first and foremost a matter of awareness for parents and adults. 

It Enables You to Check Text Messages

When we give our kids access to phones and text messaging, it’s like opening them up to the world of danger. It is not enough to have a good conversation about proper usage, giving limits and expectations. 

Incoming and Outgoing Calls

You can now ensure that kids do not disclose any inappropriate practices because of this feature. Auto Forward lets you see the Incoming and outgoing calls made on the device. It displays the number and call duration on the dashboard that you can easily access by just logging in on the dashboard.

Track What Matters To You. 

With its advanced feature, navigation systems, you can locate your child whereabouts anytime anywhere especially if its a case of an emergency. The app provides geolocation and time information. 

Browser History Monitoring

And as soon as your kids go online, it is difficult to monitor the internet usage that could expose them to inappropriate content such as mature games, porn (photos and videos). For teens, this could lead to a change in their behavior that could lead to going out late, drinking alcohol, or worst doing drugs or criminal acts.

How Far Can You Go in Protecting Your Kids?

Make sure that they are guarded. Auto Forward is a great app to keep a check on your kid’s online activities like their incoming and outgoing messages, call logs, location, you can even check the browsing history and remote monitoring feature. It is useful, easy to access and a viable solution to parents because of its secure dashboard that is password-protected to ensure that kids won’t be able to log in and view the data gathered by the app.