Why Your Marriage Needs to be a Good Example for Your Child

I don’t mention him often in my blog posts, but I truly love my husband. We’ve been together for nearly three decades now. And every day, we continue to show how much we love each other. It may sound cliche, but I’m still crazy about him, and I know he feels the same way about me. Our children have witnessed how happy our marriage is and I hope that it’ll encourage them to make the right decisions in their own lives. Believe it or not, but your kids can pick up on resentment, unhappiness, and signs your husband is cheating. Here’s why you should make your marriage a good example for your child to follow.

They’ll Know What a Happy Relationship Looks Like

Just like with almost everything else, children need to be taught about relationships. They’re not born into this world with all the answers, and don’t always know the difference between right and wrong. If they grow up seeing their mother and father fight all the time, or notice signs your husband is cheating, your child might think that’s normal. This can affect their perception when they’re old enough to pursue their own romantic relationship. By showing respect, love, and understanding to your spouse in front of your child, they can learn what’s essential in a fulfilling relationship.

They’ll Learn About Conflict Resolution

It’s pretty much common knowledge that every couple fights, it’s not a criminal offense. Even though most of my relationship with my husband has been smooth sailing, we’ve had our disagreements over the years. What sets us apart from many other couples I know is how we resolve them. We hear each other out, use respectful language, and work as a team to come to a solution. Having your child witness how you and your spouse resolve a conflict can influence their own conflict resolution skills.

They’ll Discover it’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Your child needs to know that it's okay to make mistakes.
Your child will experience happier relationships when they can be themselves.

Not every marriage is perfect, and neither are the parties involved. We’re all only human. That’s why there’s forgiveness. Your child may not learn this important life lesson on their own. So, if you show them that you and your spouse are willing to apologize and forgive each other if something goes wrong, they won’t have to put unneeded pressure on themselves. This will also help them avoid holding grudges and harboring negative emotions.

One other point I’d like to make is that not every married couple lasts. That’s okay, too. It’s better for your children if they grow up with two parents who are separated, but happy, instead of together and miserable. If your child recognizes signs your husband is cheating, it’s time that you sit down with them and have a talk. You’ll need to make the best decision for not only your happiness, but also your child’s.