How Parental App Monitoring Software Can Build Stronger Trust

“But parental monitoring software is basically spyware!” This may have crossed your mind whenever you read or hear people talk about parental app monitoring software. If you think about it, isn’t trust the core issue if you need to monitor someone? You may give the impression that you don’t trust your daughter if you need to constantly monitor her phone activity. Likewise, your son may not feel inclined to trust you if he feels he is under surveillance 24/7. 

From both sides, the idea of monitoring may have negative connotations. But if you flip the issue and look at it from another perspective, using a parental monitoring software can actually strengthen trust between parents and children.

How is that possible?

Parental App Monitoring Software Is Not Spyware 

Spyware is a type of software that is intended to exploit a person or organization by gathering sensitive information without them knowing about it. This malicious software can even send your sensitive data to another user without your consent. So just thinking about what spyware can do with your bank account, credit card, and other sensitive information can be frightening.

Likewise, spying is not an activity that everyone admires. It is an outright disregard for privacy. People generally don’t like the idea of being monitored with their personal affairs. In fact, the Amnesty International #UnfollowMe campaign reveals that 71% of US residents think the government should not monitor their online activity.

On that note, parental monitoring software is not designed as spyware and not intended for spying. Sure, it does something similar. But your intent in using parental monitoring software is not to exploit your child. It is to protect him. Spying on your child anonymously will strain, if not destroy, the trusting bond beyond you. On the other hand, an open conversation with them about using parental monitoring software can earn their respect. 

Good communication between you and your child can draw a clear line and make them aware that there are also risks in the mobile and online environment. So in a way, parental monitoring software is like you looking out for them in the virtual world.

How can you turn being monitored into a positive experience? Consider the key features of a parental app monitoring software. 

Parental Monitoring Software Features For Your Child’s Protection

With the modern world of texting, posting, and spending more and more time on social media, young ones can easily get lost in the virtual jungle. Mobile and online activity can vastly expand their social circle. And just like in the offline world, your child can easily come in contact with questionable people. 

Having your child’s safety in mind, these key features in parental monitoring software can lay your heart at ease.

SMS Text Messages. Text messaging brings a private conversation to a different level. A mobile user may send and receive an average of a thousand messages every month. A good parental monitoring software logs all text messages and retains these even if deleted from the device. This way you can intercept bullying and indecent pictures that can threaten your child’s well being.

Internet Messengers. Just like text messaging, internet messengers allow a very personal conversation with another user. Most tracking software can only monitor SMS messages, but good parental monitoring software should be capable of logging messages from internet messaging apps. This feature gives you an opportunity to identify messages that can potentially expose your child to danger.

Browsing History. Generally, browsing history and cookies can be easily removed to avoid detection. But with good parental monitoring software, you get a detailed report of your child’s web activities. You can always be on the lookout for questionable and harmful sites can destroy your child’s useful habits.

GPS Location. This feature should allow you to easily track the phone on a Google Map. Some parental monitoring software allows you to set the time interval for a location update. when your child is not yet home and this is something out of the ordinary, this feature provides a reliable answer.

You can check Auto Forward cellphone monitoring for additional parental monitoring software features.

In conclusion, living by example and being reasonable can make using parental app monitoring software a positive experience both for you and your child. Assuring them that you’ll be like a tour-buddy for them in the virtual world could help dispel the resentment and distrust. As a tool, parental monitoring software effectively allows you to look out for your child and prevent online threats.