Enrolling My Kids In Homeschool Over The Summer

Every summer parents start to worry about how to keep their kids amused so that they don’t end up sitting around playing video games. I worry about my kids too. I want to make sure that they keep up good study habits and don’t get too out of the routine. Especially during the summer months. So I enrolled my kids in homeschool classes for the summer and now they think I’m the meanest mom alive. But there are a lot of benefits to having your kids take summer classes online like.

Continuous Learning

Studies have shown that kids can lose a lot of momentum over the summer break because they quickly get out of the habit of focusing on class work and learning. By taking even just one or two classes over the summer kids stay in the curious mindset they need to be in to learn effectively. That way when school starts again they are ready to focus and learn and don’t need to start all over getting into a learning-focused routine.

Homeschooling Kids Over The Summer

Healthy Routines

Kids need to have routines, and usually, this is altered during the summer. They stay up all night talking with friends, playing, chatting online and playing video games. Then they sleep all day or spend their afternoons watching TV without any real responsibility. Breaking the healthy routine that kids get into during the school year is bad for their physical and mental health. When kids are taking classes all summer they can stay in the same routine they have during the school year so that they don’t experience any big shifts in routine.

Finding New Interests

School curriculums can be very limited, especially when it comes to electives like art, music, and humanities courses. Enrolling kids in summer classes that aren’t for credit gives them the change to learn just for the joy of learning. They can explore subjects and ideas that interest them and maybe find new passions or interests. My daughter who is going to be a high school freshman this year is excited to take a photography class online this summer. She’s always been interested in exploring this.  

Child Doing Homework Over The Summer

Extra Credit

If your child needs a little extra credit to make up for poor performance during the school year. Try to enroll them in a homeschool that offers classes for credit so your child can pick up any additional credits. These are credits that they may need in order to start the new school year off right. Having extra credit is great for when your child heads to college too. So many credits or needed in order to get degrees these days. 

Make New Friends

My kids have had the same friends in their classes since first grade because they go to public school. So they have friends in the neighborhood that they have grown up with and they all go to the same school. Putting them in homeschool classes for the summer means that they will be meeting and interacting with a different group of kids and making new friends. As a parent, I believe that kids can’t have too many friends. Let us know your thoughts on putting a child in a homeschool over the summer. For more blogs on parenting and marriage, check out Family Then And Now