Basic Disaster Plan Tips Parents Need

Do you and your family have a disaster plan? You need to have one. Every year there are more violent storms, floods, and wildfires that are wreaking havoc. If you and your family experience an emergency or are caught in a disaster having a disaster plan could save your lives. And it will definitely make your kids feel safer and more prepared to handle an emergency situation whether it’s a weather emergency or another type of emergency. If you start teaching your kids disaster preparation plans now they will be more likely to remember what to do without panicking in an actual emergency. Here are some basis disaster planning tips that all parents should know and should use with their kids:

Have An Emergency Kit And Keep It Accessible

An emergency kit for your family goes much further than just a first aid kit. An emergency kit is a family resource that will help everyone stay safe if an emergency happens. I use a plain rubber storage tote for ours. It’s kept in the laundry room in plain sight, so anyone running out of the house in an emergency could grab it. It has clean socks and underwear for the whole family in it. Also things like baby wipes, water, water filtering bottles, protein bars, a first aid kit, pet food and water for our pets, sweatshirts for everyone, copies of all of our important papers, emergency cash, and other supplies that we would need if we had to leave the house for up to a week.

Include Your Kids In An Emergency Plan

Emergencies are scary for kids because they interrupt their routine. You can help kids stay calm during an emergency by making sure they know what the disaster plan in. Write out a copy of the disaster plan and print a copy for each child to keep in their wallet or backpack. That way they have a copy they can read if they are scared or if they forget the plan in the stress of an emergency.

Make Sure The Pets Are Taken Care Of

When kids have to leave their home without their pets in an emergency it’s very traumatizing for them. Your pets are family too, so make sure that they are included in your disaster plan. Put pet supplies in your disaster kit. Have copies of the pet’s health records with your important papers. And always keep a carrier or crate and a leash and harness for the pet in the car in case you need an extra one.

Give Your Kids An Emergency Phone

In a disaster adults and kids can forget information like phone numbers and addresses. Make sure that each child has a prepaid throwaway phone that is kept charged always. Pre-program the phone with your phone number, your spouse’s number, and the numbers of family and friends. You can also add addresses for each contact. If your child gets separated from you and needs to contact you they will have your information and the information of trusted adults easily available.

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