Auto Forward Spy App Review

Using mobile monitoring apps is a growing trend today and to help you decide what monitoring app you should get, here is an in-depth review of Auto Forward. It is an excellent cell phone monitoring application that provides you with easy access to another phone’s text messages, calls, locations, social media sites and more. It works whether you have an Android or iPhone since it is supported by both platforms.

Auto Forward is a time and money-saving app that gives you instant results. This would be the perfect app for those who are inclined to private investigations. Do read on to know the essential features of this app, how it works and much more.

How Auto Forward Spy App Works

The process is simpler than you think with three easy steps. First, you just have to download the app on Google Play or Apple store on the phone you want to monitor. Then tap on the embedded activation key and enter the phone number. After a few minutes, you can have access to your target mobile device.

What You Will Get

You can access all the device’s sent and received messages, calls, social media sites, and other web pages browsed, e-mails, real-time locations, cameras, photos and also videos. Plus, you can have control of the device, if misplaced or stolen, and other applications installed on the phone. You can also run diagnostics on the phone to determine battery life, internet, and Bluetooth connection status.

Auto Forward Facebook Monitoring

Because almost everyone has a Facebook account, it is also worth monitoring. You can have access to IMs, posts, likes, comments, and shares and friend requests are recorded and uploaded to your account.

Remote Access To Snapchat using Auto Forward

Snapchat has become widely used by people of different generations. Just like Facebook, the posts, stories, and other content can be monitored on the phone. The spy app can automatically detect and record all activity within Snapchat from log-in and account history, all shared content, user profiles, etc. To do this, simply login to your Auto Forward account, find the Snapchat menu item and feel free to download information and save it for future reference.

Auto Forward Reporting

All data gathered is organized and accessible not only from a computer but also from any mobile device. With a stable Wi-Fi connection or just a regular signal from your service provider, you can sift through the enormous data with ease.

Customer Support

 A huge advantage of this app is live telephone support. Just dial the number on their site and you can talk with a person who is more than capable of helping you with your queries.


This product costs less than thirty dollars as a one-time payment and comes with free upgrades at no added costs. You’ll be notified through e-mail of upgrades. Just make sure your device is still compatible with the upgrade and you can enjoy it for life.

What We Think of the Product It goes without saying that Auto Forward is by far the best app we have tested. It is convenient, user-friendly and gives you all the things you need to spy on a target phone, with results exceeding your expectations. This product is recommended for everyone from employers to monitor their employees and even parents who need to monitor their children’s phones as Auto Forward will do the job. Click the link to visit the website right now!