3 Things Women Do When They Like Someone Online

If you have a crush on a girl online and you can’t tell if she likes you or not it can be very frustrating. But there are some things that women will always do if they like someone that they are talking to online. A surefire way to know if she’s interested is just noticing how often she sends you messages. If she is sending two or three or more messages a day then she really wants to talk to you and that is definitely a sign of interest. A girl who isn’t interested in someone isn’t going to waste her time sending multiple messages to that person each day. And if she sends you messages first thing in the morning or last thing at night that’s a good sign too because it means you were on her mind early in the morning or late at night.

So pay close attention to how your online crush interacts with you. See if you notice any of these three behaviors. If she is doing any or all of these three things there is a strong possibility that she is interested in you. And would like to get to know you more:

  1. She Posts More Photos Of Herself

If your crush starts posting new photos of herself on her social media after you two start messaging or if she keeps changing her profile photo you can bet she’s trying to impress you. By posting lots of selfies or other photos and changing her profile photo often she’s trying to make sure that you see her in as many attractive photos as possible to impress you. Make sure that you are liking her photo posts so she knows that you are seeing them.

  1. She Sends You Long Messages

If you ask her a question and she takes the time to send you a long reply. Instead of just answering with a sentence or a few words that’s a good indication that she likes you. An in-depth reply means that she is sharing her feelings and thoughts with you. So that you can get to know her as a person which is the first step towards taking your relationship to the next level. If she is doing this you should respond with complete messages. Asking her more questions so that you can keep the conversation going.

  1. She Hints About Taking Things To The Next Level

If your online crush is really into you after you have been messaging for a short time. She may drop hints about texting you. Maybe about you texting her or she might hint that the two of you should have a phone conversation. When you get a hint that indicates she wants to take the relationship offline. You should take it and ask her if she wants to talk on the phone or text. If you let that hint go by without acknowledging it. She may assume that you’re not interested in her after all and move on.

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